A true professional

Ours is the story of a family on a challenging journey, a journey defined by the life and death struggle of a child battling a severe eating disorder. It has been more than 5 years since we first met with our family therapist, Doha Khoury. Due to her extensive background and expertise in treating eating disorders, she immediately became the perfect fit to help our family address its many issues.

Doha’s positive philosophy and outlook, her focus on spirituality, and her sense of humor have all played an integral part in our family’s continuing recovery. She has strengthened our family unit and, at the same time, encouraged each of us to grow as individuals. Doha has provided us with a wealth of information and resources. She is a true professional and is a pivotal player on our son’s treatment team.

It is obvious to us that Doha has been successful in helping our family to communicate, grow, and appreciate each other. We continue to have much to work on, but our family is intact. We are making the best of a very difficult situation. Without Doha’s help, however, our story would not be one of encouragement and hope.